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Welcome! We invite you to explore this page to learn more about Armed Forces Vacation Club including who is eligible, what your membership benefits include, and most importantly - how to start searching for your perfect vacation today! Let's get started...

What is Armed Forces Vacation Club?

Armed Forces Vacation Club is built around the idea that our military deserve the best, and that's why we offer weeklong resort stays from just $349*. That price might sound unbelievable, but search our Space-A page for resorts and see for yourself! We offer over 200,000 resort accommodations in over 100 countries in a wide range of unit sizes from studio to two or even three bedroom. Vacation rentals are priced per unit not per person, and typically sleep 2-8.

Who is eligible?

A membership with Armed Forces Vacation Club is free to all members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Armed Forces Vacation Club offers a variety of rental programs and booking options, including:
Last Minute Vacations
Last Minute Vacations offer smaller properties (like hotel rooms, studios, and 1-bedroom accommodations) for $309 a week, or bigger properties (with 2 or more bedrooms) for just $329 a week.
$349 Space-A Vacations
Space-A, also known as Space Available, is a favorite among members for its fixed pricing of $349* per week.
High Demand
High Demand inventory represents a broader range of resort availability, including peak travel times, larger units and more sought-after destinations.
Short Stays
Short Stay inventory is available for less than a week, perfect for a relaxing three or four-night getaway.
All-Inclusive Resorts
All Inclusive properties give you the option to pay up front for things like food and beverages at the resort.

Vacation Planning Resource Center

Your source for inspiration, ideas & information!

We know that a lot of thought and effort goes in to planning the perfect trip, so we've created a resource center to help you along the way! In addition to providing inspiration on where to vacation, the resource center provides tips on planning the best Beach Vacation, how to Travel on a Budget, making the most of your PCS Move and more.

Adventure Vacation
Beach Vacation
Family Vacation
Relaxing Vacation
Romantic Vacation
Ski Vacation

Frequently Asked Questions

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